Agricultural and Animal Fences

Agricultural fences are used to keep animals in or out of an area. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined. In some places, the height and construction of fences designed to hold livestock is mandated by law.

Historically throughout most of the world, domesticated livestock would roam freely and were fenced out of areas, such as gardens or fields of crops, where they were unwanted. Over time, especially where crop agriculture became dominant and population density of both humans and animals was significant, livestock owners were made to fence their animals in.

The earliest agricultural fences were made of available materials, usually stone or wood, and these materials are still used for some fences today. More modern agricultural fences are made out of wire, barbed wire, electric fence, metal, & vinyl. There are also non-climb options of fence that are designed to prevent animals from climbing or getting caught or tangled in the fence.

Deer and goats can easily jump an ordinary agricultural fence, and so special fencing is needed for farming goats or deer, or to keep wild deer out of farmland and gardens. Deer fence is often made of lightweight woven wire netting nearly six feet high on lightweight posts, otherwise made like an ordinary woven wire fence.

When choosing what type of agricultural fence you will need, you must keep in mind:

  1. What type of animal do you need the fence for? (Size of the animal and what sort of behavior do they exhibit that may require special requirements in fencing.)
  2. The best material to build your fence out of based on these needs
  3. How much agricultural fence material will you need?
  4. Any laws that you may need to be aware of when building your agricultural fence in your area
  5. Cost
  6. Aesthetics

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