California Termites

You live in sunny California and summer has finally arrived. You just got your new fencing project finished and are ready to kick back and soak in the rest of your lazy day without a care in the world. If your fence is made from wood you may still have a few things to worry about, especially if you want to make sure your new fence is still in perfect condition by the end of the summer.

As you are reading this there are termites threatening the destruction of your precious wooden fence! Termites can break down cellulose, or in this case, the wood in your fence with the bacteria in their saliva. A termite infestation could cause you thousands of dollars in damage!  So when do these pests swarm and how can you keep your precious wood fence and deck safe?

It turns out that there are actually different types of termites that you should keep an eye out for depending on the season. Western Subterranean Termites come out daily around autumn and throughout winter while Desert Drywood Termites prefer the warmer nights from June to September. August to October is when the Pacific Dampwood Termites come out to play and the Arid-land Subterranean Termites enjoy the spring and fall. That’s plenty to worry about when you have your precious fencing project on the line.