Ornamental Fence

Do you want a fence that is aesthetically pleasing, highly customizable, and secure? Fence Factory’s ornamental fence line entails all of the above! Whether you’re looking for a decorative fence for your yard, a crowd control fence for your business, or a fence for your pool, Fence Factory has a fence for you.

Ornamental fences come in varying types of material to fit your individual needs. The most popular ornamental fence types are aluminum and iron. Aluminum fences come in a variety of colors, styles, and durability. You can customize aluminum fences to be black or bronze without having the hassle of painting. These fences also vary from flattop to spear-top, concaved or staggered, and everything in-between. Whatever you find the most aesthetically pleasing can be built!

For those who need the most durable fence, however, the ornamental fence line’s wrought iron fence is the best option. Wrought iron fences are also highly customizable, but they are advantageous in that they are made to withstand wear and tear. These fences are pre-galvanized and hot-dip-galvanized to prevent rusting and reduce flexibility. Although aluminum and wrought iron fences have many differences, they encompass one major similarity: these fences are highly secure. They are known to be difficult to climb or scale and nearly impossible to tear down.

Not sure which ornamental fence is right for you? Our Fence Factory experts are always available to assist you regarding fence installation – call or come in to our stores today! We are readily available to serve from Los Angeles through Central California.